Cairo – siwa – Cairo

4days 3 nights

Cairo– siwa – Cairo

Day 1 
Transport from Cairo to Siwa, after arriving siwa  we have the chance to walk around the ancientfortress of Shali Enjoy the evening at a café and sample your first taste oftraditional Siwan food in one of the restaurants. Overnight in ahotel                                             
Day 2 
After breakfasts we begin our excursion to see the sights of Siwa we can seethe ancient temples and some of the historic sites in the vicinity of Siwatown. This trip includes: the Temple of the Oracle - once known all over theworld and famous for Alexander the Great consultation there, Cleopatra’s Spring- take a bath in its refreshing, turquoise waters, Dakrour mountain – withits stunning views over all of the oasis and the ‘Great Sand Sea,’ the HotSpring at Dakrour the afternoon is spent on Fatnas Island - – back in the town.Dinner at a local restaurant

Day 3  
‘The Great Sea of Sand’ in a 4WD car - here is where youll find the desert ofyour dreams, with endless sand dunes marking where the Sahara begins we will gointo the ocean of sand, soft sand… now we will reach to !!! Bir Wahed Swim in afreshwater lake in the midst of the dunes, then relax in the shade of a palm tree shelter . Relax in the desertatmosphere and watch the sunset on a sandy horizon. You can sleep out under themillions of stars visible in the clear desertsky.                                                                                       
Day 4
after breakfast we will visit the Mountain of the Dead - a whole mountain iscarved into tombs and chambers for the mummies of the inhabitants of Siwa fromancient times, some of them are still there… and after that we will  back to cairo